Style Tools and Creativity Boosters!

Over the years, I’ve made a point of creating several user-friendly and individually focused style tools. I think each individual woman is capable of gathering information, evaluating it, and deciding for herself how she wants to present her figure and body and self to the world. Few of us want rigid, limiting rules as we explore our personal styles, but plenty of us want some guidance, prompts, and non-judgmental information. No matter where you are in your personal style journey, I’ve got a tool to help you reach the next level!

Already Pretty Self-guided Mini-makeover

If you’re feeling stylistically lost but relatively self-motivated, interested in changing your look but unable to shell out for personal services, this little PDF might be just the thing. It contains an expanded version of the first steps that my online consult clients undertake, plus some additional advice and content. And although it won’t be as thorough or personalized as a formal consult, it’s a great place to start.

If that sounds appealing, here are your two options for purchase:

  1. PDF only: Cost is $5 to download, then you’re on your own!
  2. PDF + one-outfit feedback session: Cost is $10 to download, then once you’ve completed the steps outlined in the PDF, you can e-mail me a single head-to-toe outfit photo and ask questions that pertain to that specific outfit.

Thirty Pretty Projects


Thirty Pretty Projects is a short and sweet program of exercises that will help you learn about your current style, explore new ideas, and feel great while doing it. This PDF contains week-long modules of simple exercises – many of them based on practices I utilize myself or processes I use with my style consult clients – that focus on various aspects of personal style. You’ll tackle one exercise each day – some of them as simple as, “select an item from your closet that is your favorite color and build an outfit around it,” and others more in-depth like, “identify someone who looks very, very different from you but who has really nailed her style, and describe what she’s doing so well.” Just one task each day, with a review at the week’s end to summarize what you’ve learned. Easy, do-able, and fun! I will release new series of projects over time, but in this first series you’ll be tackling subjects that include self-image, style icons, color, and accessorization.


Already Pretty: The Book

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Structured as a fun and accessible self-guided makeover, Already Pretty: Learning to Love Your Body by Learning to Dress it Well is the antidote to cookie-cutter style guides. Instead of dumping you into a body type category and restricting what you can and cannot wear, this friendly, funny, body-positive book presents a highly customizable regimen to help you define and hone your own personal style.

A true guidebook to crafting personal style, Already Pretty teaches women to love their bodies, dress impeccably, and embrace the philosophy that dressing well is key to living well.

Personal Style Consults


I offer personal shopping and style consultation services – both in person for clients living in the Twin Cities, and via e-mail for clients worldwide. Over the past four years I’ve provided makeover services to dozens of women of all shapes, sizes, and tastes everywhere from St. Paul to Houston to D.C. and received countless kudos for her innovative, effective methods.

For more information about consults and to see testimonials from my clients, click here. And feel free to e-mail me for more details!