Suede Shoe Protection

Husband Mike took this video through our office window.

In case you can’t guess what’s going on, I am walking to the house from our garage, talking on my phone, and have put two plastic grocery bags on my feet to protect my red suede pumps from the rain.

What? I’m TOTALLY normal.

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23 Responses to “Suede Shoe Protection”

  1. Couture Allure Vintage Fashion

    I would do the EXACT SAME THING! Damn right you're totally normal. LOL!!!!!

  2. Meli22

    hahahaha that is hillariously funny 😉 thanks HM for the vid, and sal for posting it lol! I'm just as abnormal about some things 😉

  3. Darling Petunia

    That is funny. I have been known to just take my shoes off completely and go barefoot.

    How'd the husband keep the camera steady while laughing? Oh, he's used to it!

  4. K.Line

    No argument from me. What would not be normal is wrecking those shoes!

  5. Kate @ Très Lola

    Hahahah dude, that is hilarious! I wouldn't have even thought that far… later when my shoes were effed up I'da been all 'damnnn' – yet another use for plastic bags.. bin liners and shoe protectors.

  6. Closet Full of Nothing

    hahah this is hilarious! i came cross something called "Shuella" awhile ago… they market it as umbrella for your shoes! maybe you'd be interested in getting a pair! I'd love to know they they look!!

  7. enc

    I do the same.

    I also put plastic grocery bags over my handbag in inclement weather.

  8. Elissa

    Slice of life! Love it! Maybe this little trick will convince me to buy suede shoes again… or suede anything… get myself a Niagara Falls style poncho!

  9. Jilliebeanie

    I love this! SO funny!

    Hey – it SHOULD be normal to love shoes this much!

  10. Kathryn

    I got an awesome suede spray at aerosoles a few years ago. It really does protect them and keep them from getting matted and destroyed by water.

    I checked and they still make it:

    It is the most noxious stuff ever, so I will be trying to convince my husband to do the treatment to my new suede booties – this time around. But it really does work well.

    Patience is required. You have to do a couple passes the prescribed distance away or it takes FOREVER to dry and you can risk damaging the suede. (And do it outside on a nice day to protect yourself, your lungs, and your internal organs)

  11. Veronica, aka "Suzy Tofu"

    When you put on your grocery bags, I put on my lollerskates!

  12. mochimo

    LOL Of course you're normal: I 😉 recently did the same right in the centre of my town (it suddenly started raining and I was wearing white suede shoes) LOL Do I need to say heads were turning??? 🙂