Dressed for: A Pleasant Surprise

Already Pretty outfit featuring brown sweater dress, brown leggings, John Fluevog Adriana Luna, distressed leather messenger bag

Sweater dress – Macy’s (no longer available) – similar – fuller skirt reg/plus
Leggings – Old Navy (no longer available) – similar
Boots – John Fluevog Adriana Luna
Bag –  Leather in Motion
Earrings – Glass Garden Beads  – similar look

We have now entered the part of the year during which my posted outfits clash with the current weather. I’ve got a small backlog, though, so please bear with a few more snowy shots!

The new style direction has really taken its toll on my Fluevog collection. All that remain now are this pair, my Haight sandals, and my Heidis. The bag is fairly new, and I would never have guessed that it would be a near-perfect match for the boots. Unexpected bonus!


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2 Responses to “Dressed for: A Pleasant Surprise”

  1. Monica H

    Sally, I have two different questions about this post. First, what are your thoughts as a fellow sometime lover of “matchy matchy” looks on wearing brown boots with black (and gray in this case)? This is a look I haven’t been able to get behind myself, but I notice how you’ve done it here the brown is more subtle than how I’ve seen many women wear it.

    Secondly, I wonder what your experience has been of the weather appropriateness of your new style as compared to your previous looks. To my eye, this seems a bit better for winter at least, but it seems somewhat difficult to dress like a badass in the summer. 🙂 It’s one of the issues I struggle with from the opposite side living in AZ – certain types of clothing are more practical than others for the climate. Trying to balance style and comfort is a constant exercise for me!

    • Sally McGraw

      Hi Monica! So. Interestingly, this outfit is all browns, but I can see where the tunic might read as gray. I love neutral mixes, and feel like so long as you get three neutrals into a single outfit they usually work. (Related post here: https://alreadypretty.com/2011/03/how-to-mix-neutrals.html) So brown boots with black leggings and a gray tunic would be great.

      I had another reader ask about Badass for Summer looks, too – and honestly, I’m going to be improvising! I have some loose, slouchy tees that I plan to pair with slim jeans and I will likely lean heavily on my jewelry to make things interesting. And I know what you mean about climate being a limiting factor. It can really impact personal style, and I imagine if you’re someone who loves to layer, living in a hot climate will feel extra challenging.