Sweet Relief

Ever gotten one of your own hairs stuck in your lip gloss?

And then been REALLY relieved that you got it out?

Me too.

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22 Responses to “Sweet Relief”

  1. Arlynn

    Hahaha… that might as well me be – or when I’m able to remove a blusher brush brissle from the gloss – ugh!

  2. Summer

    That was a very funny pics…
    And i really love it..
    Nice visiting your blog..=)

  3. mayinjapan

    UGH! No lipgloss, but I get hairs in my mouth. Sometimes they even migrate to the top of my throat.


    Hilarious pictures!

  4. AsianCajuns

    All the freakin’ time! I just wish someone would capture it on camera like this! I love it!

  5. Solo

    Those 2 pictures really makes me happy this day..
    i really love it..
    Hope to see more from you lady..=)
    And hope to see you too on my blog..

  6. bekster

    I have long hair and sometimes it gets stuck in my armpits. SO embarrassing!

  7. Colie, Kris and Ronan

    Seriously hilarious!
    This made my whole morning…
    ~It’s almost as bad as one slides into your bra and seems to tickle you all day until you can jam your hand in and retrieve it. hahaa. haha!

  8. dapper kid

    Hahaha, I LOVE that first photo! I do hate getting a hair or eyelash in my lip balm, I get my fingers all icky getting it out.

  9. oh lady e

    MWAHAHA! I just started laughing out loud at work when I saw this!

    It’s a good thing my boss was in a meeting on a different floor… hehe.

  10. Darcie

    it’s as if you’re re-enacting lyrics from that dead milkmen song about finding a hair on a pork sausage…like it haunts you to this very day!

  11. www.fabvixen.blogspot.com

    LMAO!!!!!First it looked like you found a boogar. I found this blog at the right time!I needed to laugh. Hilarious! Adding to my favorites

  12. tis serendipity

    Hahhaha omgosh these photos are really really cute. XD Gosh now you may be mortified but a few years down the road I’m sure you’ll be happy your husband (?) took those candid shots of you. =) That’s one of the things that must be great about having a photographer in the household! So many fun moments to look back on.