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This Week I Love …

… textured tights.

Last year, I felt my tights-related preferences beginning to shift. Despite all of my age-appropriateness rhetoric, there was this tiny little voice squeaking out, “Are you sure you want to wear those nearly-neon turquoise tights? Really sure?” Some of my wilder patterned tights also felt a bit off: Stripes and florals seemed somehow over-the-top, and I shied away.

But now and going forward, textured tights feel spot-on. They’ve got the movement and interest of patterns, but the subtlety of opaques. Plus they’re ideal for transitional weather, and a great solution for women who may want some leg coverage but feel opaques are too warm and pantyhose are too old-school. Here are a few pairs I’m loving: read more

This Week I Love …

… Janelle Monáe.

This high-energy, super talented songstress burst onto the scene back when I was still feeling hesitant about androgynous looks for myself. But even back then, I could tell she was bold, smart, and unique, and now that I’ve done a tiny wee bit of dabbling in androgynous dressing on my own, I am just wild about her sleek, sophisticated, monochrome looks.

Talk about dedication to a defined aesthetic! Clearly, Janelle favors suits and tuxes as her staples, but I love how other eye-catching garments, fun textures, and unusual accessories work their way into her looks. I can’t imagine wearing any of these looks just as she does, but they inspire me to no end. read more

Creative Wardrobe Organization

creative wardrobe organization tips

I assume you’ve all got closets. With hangers. Maybe a few shelves. There might even be a chest of drawers or an armoire in the mix. I also assume that you’ve got some wardrobe organization challenges and that some of your belongings might be a little worse for wear due to makeshift storage situations. (A few of mine certainly are!)

And suggestions like the one pictured above – painting some crown moulding a gorgeous color and nailing it to the wall so you can display a few pairs of heels in an unusual way – are fantastic if you don’t mind taking up wall space, opting for a semi-permanent and highly visible storage solution, and making your wardrobe into makeshift art. But I prefer wardrobe organization techniques that are temporary, reversible, or even portable. Personally, I’d much rather keep things out of sight, out of sunlight, and out of the dusty, cat-friendly environment that is my home. read more