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The Multiple Style Wardrobe

Multiple Style Personalites Multiple Style Personalites by unefemme featuring a cellphone purse

Do you find yourself juggling multiple styles? Though my own sartorial swings were much more pronounced in the past, I currently tend to move between two style personalities which for the sake of brevity, let’s call Modern Classic and Minimalist Bohemian. For years I believed that I had to choose between one or the other, when in reality both are “me” depending on the day and my mood.

Or perhaps you work in an environment with a dress code that’s light years away from how you’d choose dress on your own time. Either way, the need to accommodate multiple styles can make it hard to build and maintain a cohesive wardrobe. By “cohesive” I mean a wardrobe without closet “orphans” (those pieces that never seem to be worn because they just don’t work with anything else) and that doesn’t require a quadratic equation each morning to get dressed and out the door. The individual pieces in a cohesive wardrobe relate to each other by style, color, and season. read more

Introducing: Thirty Pretty Projects – Series One


I wrote my book because I wanted to provide women with a non-judgmental, individualized system for understanding and honing personal style. The feedback I’ve gotten has been overwhelmingly positive, and I’m THRILLED! But I freely admit that the process outlined in that book is a long one and takes some serious commitment. If you have no clear picture of your style goals, the book will help. If you want a comprehensive overhaul of everything about your dressing habits from evaluation to daydreaming to planning to shopping, the book will help. If you feel like you want to burn everything in your closet and start over – never a good plan, but definitely a common feeling – the book will help. read more

Developing a Color Palette for Your Closet


Sally had a reader request ages ago about limiting yourself to a well-edited color palette, and I wanted to share my experiences with doing just that.  If you’re like Sally and love all colors, this isn’t the path for you! But if shopping is overwhelming, you find it difficult to mix and match what you have, or you find yourself buying colorful pieces that sit unworn, then it may be ideal for you.

I love to shop, and I’ve always loved color. But in the past, I would buy certain items out of “necessity.” (Meaning because some list told me I needed them!) They’d sit in my closet, never worn. Brown pumps, I’m looking at you!  I’d buy a mint shirt and wouldn’t know how to style it. It looked harsh against black, washed out against grey. So it sat, unworn. I envy ladies and gents who mix and match colors like pros, but that yellow cardigan in my closet needs a new home. read more