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My Thoughts About and Experiences with Laser Hair Removal

I’ve written about my body hair challenges quite a bit, and they’ve been some of my most popular posts. First, I talked about body hair removal, feminism, and body image. Based on your feedback, I wrote about my own body hair removal strategies and practices. And then later revisited the topic when I chose to have my bikini line lasered. Body hair is an incredibly personal but also unavoidably political topic, since its presence is natural and its removal is tied to socially reinforced beauty ideals. But even though I know many disagree with me, I don’t believe anyone who chooses to shave or otherwise remove her body hair is a “bad feminist” or a pawn for the patriarchy. I respect those who shun hair removal, but also know plenty of women who have dedicated their lives to the battle for equal rights, respect, and pay for women and also choose to shave or wax or pay for laser hair treatments. If the argument is that feminist bodies should be loved exactly as they are naturally and left entirely alone, other related hypocrisies include deodorant, haircuts, bras, cosmetics, belts, shoes that aren’t 100% flat, and absolutely any article of clothing that alters the appearance of a body. Everything we do to change how our bodies look, feel, and smell is a nod to societal norms. And I’m willing to nod occasionally. read more

Body Hair Part Two: My Removal Strategies

Here’s a follow-up to this post about the politics of body hair among women. As it turns out, you folks ARE interested in how I deal with my own, copious amounts of fuzz.

As always, what works for me may not work for you. You may not want to do some or all of these things, you may not want to invest the time or money, you may think it all sounds positively loony. And that’s just fine. To each her own, as always. I am someone who prefers the aesthetic, feel, and sensitive-skin-related serenity of keeping certain areas hair-free, and this is how I handle my routines. I am responding to queries about my own behaviors, not attempting to make judgment calls about how others deal with hair removal, growth, or maintenance. read more