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Versions of You

I’m still co-chairing the advisory board for Leaders of Today and Tomorrow, and let me tell you, friends, the program blows my mind on a regular basis. Our dedicated board members, talented mentors, and passionate fellows make every program year inspiring in its own unique way.

One of the things we always say about the program is that everyone learns. The fellows may be there to soak up knowledge, but our speakers and panelists and mentors and facilitators all learn about themselves each year, too. Here’s a great example: I give a presentation on dressing for interviews, networking, and office life every year. In years past, I’ve always gotten questions from the fellows about how to dress professionally while simultaneously expressing their personalities. So I touch on that topic each year now. But a young woman in last year’s cohort responded to my caveats and tips for being unique while also conforming with this tidbit of wisdom: There’s nothing natural about an interview. Interviews are a construct for everyone involved, so why get hung up on self-expression? read more