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Reader Request: Spirit-lifting Clothing

feel-good-clothing_with text

Lovely Dana e-mailed me this request:

I love your post on “How to Dress Joyously.” Similarly, you could do a post on specific prints, styles, colors, or color combinations that lift your spirits.

Woo! Now here’s a question I’m tickled to tackle. As you’ve heard me say approximately 78 gazillion times, I believe that how we choose to dress can impact how we feel. The colors, textures, prints, and patterns we put on our bodies travel with us all day, so why not pick something that makes you smile whenever you glance into a mirror? Here are some of my personal spirit-lifting clothes, colors, and accessories. read more

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Reader Request: Reflections on My Style Shift

Reader Cleoxymore posed this question in a comment:

Your “style transition” (from this side of the screen!) felt more like a revolution than a transition, very sudden and complete; but in the past couple of months, I’ve felt that some of your “old” style was creeping back into the new (not submerging it, mind you, but more like the transition happened AFTER the revolution).

Would you consider writing a post of reflection on your style shift? What was and is satisfying about it, successes and mistakes, and plans moving forward? I think the look back/lessons learned could make a great post for many readers, though I admit that I have perhaps a greater than average interest in the question (I’ve been reading you for several years now, and I used to come here purely for the voice and way of thinking, since your style was MILES away from mine… and now you’ve landed right where would love to but don’t quite dare go!) read more

This Week I Love …

… Halle Berry.

For many years, I was unable to identify a style icon. I loved bits and pieces from various women’s personal styles, but I never did land on a single person who dressed exactly as I wished to. But now? It’s Halle Berry. All the way. I am yet to find someone who does creative badassery any better, and her outfits always look comfortable, chic, and re-create-able.

halle berry outfits 1

one | two | three

Interesting proportions, asymmetry, amazing boots, mixed prints. Gah, I love it ALL. read more