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Power Thrifting

thrift shopping tips

Thrifting takes time. Even a seasoned thrifter is unlikely to pop into a thrift store for 20 minutes and emerge with a few great finds. Thrift stores are generally large and slightly disorganized, so shopping trips will be most successful when they’re relaxed and un-rushed.

But there are plenty of ways to make sure you stay focused and on-task when you do thrift, so you don’t waste time faffing about with stuff you don’t need or want. Here are some tips that will help you up your thrifting game: read more

Originally posted 2011-11-18 06:33:47.

This Week I Love …

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… my other job. As a personal shopper at ARC’s Value Village

I’ve been thrifting since I was 12 and I’ll be thrifting until I’m 112. I’m the type of person who sets her mind to a task and doesn’t stop until the task has been completed, which makes me an ideal thrift shopper. I have the patience and drive to sift through an entire store’s worth of stuff in search of that perfect skirt or pair of jeans. And I actually enjoy the hunt.

But I know that many people feel more than a bit daunted by the prospect of tackling an entire store. Even retail stores that carry each garment in multiple sizes can feel overwhelming, so entering an environment in which every single garment is one-of-a-kind makes many people’s brains all melty. Thrift stores are amazing resources, but if you don’t enjoy the act of searching for your desired purchases, they may not feel like amazing resources for YOU. read more

Fascinating and Fashionable: Michelle the Thrift Stylist

As you know, I’m now working once per month as a guest stylist at Arc’s Value Village thrift stores, but I wanted to introduce you to the woman behind this groundbreaking program, Michelle Dustin. Let’s hear from Michelle!


This program was your brainchild! What inspired you to create and launch the Arc’s Value Village Personal Shopper program?
One of my first jobs as a teen was as a cashier at the Arc’s Value Village in New Hope; there I developed a love for the eclectic, unpredictable and adventurous world of thrifting. read more