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Reader Request: When to Make Shopping Compromises

When to make (and when to avoid) shopping compromises. (Think hemming, tailoring, and alterations.)

Reader Monica e-mailed me this question:

You’ve mentioned before that you’re lucky enough to generally be able to wear most clothes off the rack in a standard size. I have my share of fit challenges, being that I’m tall with long arms and legs. My shoulders are proportionally wide compared to my torso, I’m short waisted… you get the idea. Off the rack, very very few clothes fit me just perfectly. Because of this, I’m constantly trying to determine what constitutes “good enough.” Are these pants long enough? Do I love this jacket enough to cope with the sleeves being slightly too short? Is this shirt nice enough that it’s worth altering? Is it better to buy this tee shirt in a smaller size that’s not quite wide enough for my shoulders, or the bigger size that’s too baggy on my torso? I’d be very interested on your take about these questions if you have any thoughts. I am still working on developing my judgement about these issues, and it seems to be a frequent source of confusion for me. read more

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Shopping for Basics

How to shop for basics

In my experience, there are two main philosophies of shopping for basics:

  1. Buy new basics gradually as the old ones wear out.
  2. Buy new basics in a big batch, typically every 2-3 years.

Just as every woman has a different set of personal wardrobe “basics,” every woman will have a different set of needs when it comes to procuring those basics. But in my experience, neither of these two commonly-implemented basics-buying methods is ideal. Both prompt the occasional conniption fit, complete with hair-tearing and eye-rolling. Why? Because quality, affordable, well-made, perfectly-fitting basics are a lot like fairies: We’re told they exist, we catch occasional glimpses, but they are nearly impossible to FIND. Especially when we’re actively looking for them. read more

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Gracey Wears: Elevated Basics

I am not a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl.  I am, however, an elevated t-shirt and jeans kind of girl:

Gracey of Fashion for Giants wears coral Gap jeans, a blue linen LOFT tee & a LOFT statement necklace

Gracey from Fashion for Giants wears coral Gap jeans, a blue linen tee, a LOFT necklace & Old Navy metallic flatsSpecifically, I’m a coral jeans, linen tee & metallic flats kind of girl.  They’re basics, they’re just elevated basics.  Instead of standard blue jeans, I chose a bright coral.  And instead of a plain cotton tee, I chose a boxy linen tee.  And, instead of neutral flats or, tennis shoes *shudder*, I chose a metallic, ankle strap flat.

By wearing variations of basic pieces that fit my colorful personal style, I can make a “classic” look work for me. read more