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Honoring Your Beauty


For many women, the first step in the journey toward positive body image is acknowledging their own beauty. Regardless of size, shape, skin type, hair color, age, height, or any other factors, every woman has beauty and recognizing that fact can transform appearance-related self-esteem issues. But if recognizing beauty is the first step, it’s a doozy; It can take a long time and loads of work to take that step.

Once it’s taken, though, the journey has just begun. And, in my opinion, a great way to keep moving forward is to find ways to honor beauty. Your beauty. Don’t just accept that it’s there, celebrate it, live it, make it integral to your sense of self. Sound daunting? It needn’t, since many of the most effective ways to honor your beauty are ones we talk about right here on a near-daily basis: read more

Guest Post: The Beheld on Beauty and Visibility

My admiration for Autumn Whitefield-Madrano cannot be overstated. I discovered her blog, The Beheld, a few months ago and have been an avid daily reader ever since. She is a gifted writer, and insightful thinker, an outspoken feminist, and a thoughtful critic of all things fashion and beauty, and every post she writes opens my mind and bends my thought processes in the most pleasing ways.

I asked Autumn to write a guest post for me about the conflict between beauty work and feminism and, unsurprisingly, she delivered a fabulous and thought-provoking piece, which you’ll find below. Read on, and do add The Beheld to your reading lists. read more

Public Perceptions

Unsurprisingly, this post on self-respect and dressing with care generated some FABULOUS discussion. One of the threads that sprung up pretty quickly in the comments touched on dressing for oneself as opposed to dressing to please the observing world. I don’t usually do this, but I wanted to highlight this side conversation by calling out some of the thoughts you folks contributed. To kick things off, Ally Bean said:

I dress with care in a way that pleases me. I do my best with the funds that I have, but I don’t worry about how others will perceive me. If I did that would I not be giving my power away to the opinions of others? Allowing them to judge my self-worth based on their pre-conceived idea of who I should be? read more