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Dressed for: A Comfort Experiment

Already Pretty outfit featuring Diane Kennedy tunic, cropped Prairie Underground jeans, black pumps, black bangle

Tunic – courtesy Diane Kennedy (sizes through 3X!)
Jeans – Prairie Underground courtesy Shop Adorn (no longer available) – similar
Pumps – Etienne Aigner via Ideeli – similar
Bangle – Electric Fetus – similar
Earrings – thrifted – similar

I wore this outfit on a recent road trip and used it to conduct a minor experiment. I loved the polished look of the tunic, and flats felt like the wrong footwear choice for some reason. The road trip was long – 8 hours – and I spent most of it sitting in the car chatting with HM. Could heels work? They could. Especially since, on arrival, we ate, watched a movie, and crashed. No long walks for the entire day. Probably won’t become my default, but since my own comfort priorities are midsection-related it was interesting to find that I could wear heels and still be perfectly comfy for a long car ride. read more

Dressed for: Nowtro

Already Pretty outfit featuring polka dot shirt, Kate Spade windowpane print full skirt, black pumps, black bib necklace, black bangle

Shirt – thrifted – similar
Skirt – Kate Spade via eBay
Pumps – Etienne Aigner via Ideeli – similar
Necklace – Target (no longer available) – similar
Bangle – Electric Fetus – similar
Earrings – Target (no longer available) – similar

So, you all loved “A Mighty Wind,” right? I’ve probably watched it a dozen times and it still makes me giggle. And I’ve stolen the term nowtro from it and forced it into regular use, despite the bewildered looks it earns me. And this outfit is extremely nowtro: Retro silhouette and styling, but a very modern print mix. I can just imagine my grandma’s reaction if I told her I was wearing polka dots and windowpane print together. read more

Dressed for: Playing the Building

Already Pretty outfit featuring floral cardigan, full skirted sweater dress, black Coclico boots, Foley + Corinna Mid-City Tote, black statement necklace

Cardigan, Marshalls – similar
Dress, Moon via Skändal – similar style
Boots, Coclico via eBay – more Coclico boots
Bag, Mid City Tote courtesy Foley + Corinna
Bracelet, Karin Jacobson
Necklace, Target
Earrings, Target

I wore this to check out a fabulous art installation called Playing the Building. The project was the brainchild of David Byrne – a personal hero of mine – and has traveled from Stockholm to London to New York and now to Minneapolis. Essentially, Byrne hooks a vintage organ up to the pipes and structure of a building and the public can play the organ, and therefore the building. IT IS SO COOL and all of you Twin Cities folks should check it out! read more