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Stellar Men’s Style Blogs

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I get the occasional question about an “Already Pretty for men” or equivalent, and I’m afraid I’m yet to find an online style and body image haven for guys. My own knowledge of manfashion is woefully limited – although I have called upon my stylish husband for the occasional informative guest post – and I don’t anticipate delving into men’s style anytime soon. It’s taken me years to accumulate the knowledge I have about women’s fashion, style, and shopping and although men have considerably fewer options when it comes to dressing, it is a world unto itself. And I’d rather leave it to the experts. read more

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How to Find Inspiration Everywhere

This is a photo of Vanessa from the (now defunct) blogĀ Big Girl, Small Budget, Tiny Town. She is wearing a kick-ass outfit with some bold colors and fun proportions. Vanessa and I have different shapes, sizes, budgets, proportions, and shopping resources, but when I look at this photo of her, it inspires me. It makes me want to wear yellow and orange with a pink-printed scarf. It makes me want to try a tunic over a midi. It makes me want to do a short layer over two longer layers. And yes, it makes me want to visit the Badlands, but that’s not the point! The point is that, despite all of our differences, this image of Vanessa’s sparked my imagination and prompted me to think of ways I can interpret her look for myself. read more

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