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Fancy Lady Equipment

Most conspiracy theories make me giggle. I’m a pretty open-minded gal, but the notion that the moon landing was faked strikes me as downright bizarre. However, I do believe that most major cosmetics and personal care products companies actively conspire against women. These corporations strive to manufacture discontent among women to convince them to buy new products, more products, complex systems of products to combat our apparent flaws. In many cases, the conspiracy goes even deeper, getting women hooked on certain cosmetics or procedures as mere gateways, eventually revealing that more costly versions will yield even better results. It’s a system that not only convinces women we’re undeniably imperfect, but also snows us into believing that our “imperfections” can be cured with products. And, of course, bales of money. read more

This Week I Love …

NARS Orgasm

I’ve said – ad nauseum – that I never expected to do daily makeup. Still true, friends. Even truer: Of all the cosmetics I expected to utilize on a regular basis, blush was dead last on my list. But sometime last winter, a friend recommended this blush – the legendary NARS Orgasm – and I thought, huh. Makeup doesn’t generally get to be legendary for no reason. Maybe I should give it a whirl.

So in a fit of extravagance, I plunked down $27 on my first ever blush. It’s a peachy-pink shade with the world’s subtlest shimmer. And I found that it made me look warmer, perkier, and even a bit more cheerful. Applying any blush at all helps define my face a bit, but this particular shade just made everything about my complexion sing. And, from what I hear, it does that for virtually all Caucasian complexions. (Haven’t heard as many rave reviews from women of color.) read more