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A Very Boho Summer

Photo 26-6-16, 11 43 40 AM

Bohemian prints are a personal favourite and I have had my fair share of boho outfits for this summer.

Photo 26-6-16, 12 02 42 PM

This sleeveless body con number with a high neckline from is right up my alley. I particularly love the mix of beige and black among the prints here.

Photo 26-6-16, 11 58 21 AM

Accessories add more drama to this pretty dress, and its the kind of drama I don’t mind!

Do you see yourself having fun in some bohemian prints this summer?

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Having struggled with ‘weighty’ issues most of my life, I made the decision to stop hating my body and to embrace it when I turned 30. Curves Become Her is where I talk about plus size fashion, being body positive, encourage female empowerment, and share personal anecdotes.  read more

Reader Request: Body-con Clothing for Older Women

tight clothes over 40

Reader Amy had this question:

I’d like to know more about how to find body-con clothing that is flattering and also doesn’t make it seem like I’m trying to look super young.

I’ve been getting lots of age-related questions lately! I love this one because, like another recent question about dark wash jeans and older women, it illustrates just how arbitrary our age-based style rules really are.

So let’s say you’re 26 and really happy with your body. If you wear body-skimming dresses and shorts no one will bat an eye. Or relatively few eyes will be batted anyway. If you’re 56 and really happy with your body, wearing body-skimming dresses and shorts will cause an alarming number of eyes to be batted. And why is that? What’s so appalling about seeing the thighs of a 56-year-old, or the outline of her figure under a slinky dress? Even if she conforms to the current beauty standard and is slim, toned, and hourglass-y some would still argue that she should wear looser dresses with more coverage and Bermudas or capris. And if she doesn’t, well, people love to police bodies and the policing of older bodies is practically a national past-time. read more