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Body Image Warrior Week – Margarita Tartakovsky

This post comes from  Margarita Tartakovsky of Weightless. She dedicates herself to finding and creating resources for women who struggle to love their bodies and accept themselves, and never fails to deliver. Read on for Margarita’s contribution to Body Image Warrior Week:

Loving Your Body,
No Conditions Necessary

I used to think that in order to love my body or really just tolerate it, I had to be thin. I had to have a flat stomach, small hips and sky-high cheekbones.

And I had to earn this love, this tolerance. I had to earn it at the gym — punitively pounding the pavement of a treadmill — and at the dinner table — carefully, nervously watching what I ate. read more

Body Image Warrior Week – Mara Glatzel

This post comes from Mara Glatzel of Medicinal Marzipan. This amazing woman has been a champion of body image issues for years, and her inspiring posts just get better the longer she fights. Read on for Mara’s contribution to Body Image Warrior Week:

It’s like – my body is over there, spilling over into the room around it, and my head is over here, chatting with you and looking pretty. We’re two totally different pieces. Can’t you see? But, I love my body, can’t you tell? read more

Body Image Warrior Week – Elissa

This post comes from Elissa of Dress with Courage. And “courage” is one of Elissa’s dominant traits. She shares herself, her struggles, and her hard-won wisdom openly and bravely on a regular basis. I’m beyond thrilled to have found her through her amazing blog. Read on for Elissa’s contribution to Body Image Warrior Week:

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Where do you focus your attention? If you’re anything like me, your eyes zero in on the areas that you think need the most improvement, are ashamed of, or otherwise cause your distress and anxiety. read more