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Reader Request: Styling Long Cardigans

Love the look of long cardigans but not sure how to make them work? This post has tips for making boyfriend and duster cardigans look fantastic!

Amanda e-mailed me this request:

I was wondering if you consider doing a blog post or offer some advice on styling long cardigans so they don’t look frumpy. I just bought my first one [and] it seemed like a good way to convert some of my summer dresses into fall or winter ensembles, and I see outfits with long cardis that I just love on other people. But I’m not sure what I think about making ti work for me. I’m on the tall side with a proportional curvy figure. The cardigan I bought is nice (and I love the belt that comes with it), but it has pockets that make it not lie super-flat over the hips. And basically it just didn’t look quite “right” when I tried it with some of the dresses I’d been thinking of. read more

Originally posted 2012-02-21 06:11:10.

Daily Outfit: 1/5/12

Already Pretty outfit featuring boyfriend cardigan, Horny Toad dress, maroon tights, BGBGeneration Doris boots, vintage scarf
Red cashmere cardigan, via Opitzsimilar
Coral dress, courtesy Horny Toad
Tights, Target (no longer available) – similar (deep burgundy color)
Boots, BCBGeneration Doris (no longer available) – similar
Scarf, thrifted – similar
Earrings, courtesy A.W.E. Jewelry 

It was 50 degrees today. 50 DEGREES. I know, weather talk, blah, blah, but seriously. 50. Wow.

And yet I couldn’t quite do bare legs. Didn’t seem right. This mix of warm colors seemed like a good alternative celebration. I am loving neutrals lately, but trying to keep the brights in rotation, too. read more

Daily Outfit: 12/14/11

Already Pretty outfit featuring boyfriend cardigan, polka dot tunic, red jeans, John Fluevog Ariana Luna bootsCardigan, via Opitzsimilar color/shape
Tunic, actually a skirt, thrifted – more polka dot tunics
Red jeans, courtesy MotelRocks
Earrings, Quincesimilar
Boots, John Fluevog Adriana Luna

Huh. I hadn’t MEANT to construct an outfit that matched my decor.

A few months ago, I thrifted a pair of red jeans. I very foolishly threw them into the wash with a load of regular laundry, thinking hey, they’re thrifted! I’m sure they got all their dye-leaking done when the previous owner washed them. Not so, and now the jeans look mottled and several other items got ruined in the fallout. read more