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Dressed for: That Scarf

Already Pretty outfit featuring cargo coat, blanket scarf, tunic, leggings, tall black boots

Topper – Opitz/overdyed – similar
Scarf – Zara (in Wales!) – similarbudget
Tunic – LAMade (no longer available) – similar
Leggings – Old Navy
Boots – Lucky Brand Hackett via eBay
Earrings – Urban Outfitters (no longer available) – similar

I bought this scarf at Zara in Cardiff, more or less on a whim. It’s a cozy and versatile scarf, to be sure, but I thought of it as more utilitarian than anything. But holy moly, does it ever draw comments. Of all of the wildly printed, brightly colored scarves I own and wear, I would never have pegged this one as the crowd favorite. Go figure. read more

Dressed for: Life Day

Already Pretty outfit featuring cargo coat, shirttail hem tee, denim leggings, Frye Vera Slouch boots, Foley + Corinna Mid-City Tote, leopard print scarf

Coat, Opitz (overdyed) – similar – more cargo coats
Tee – Gap
Skinnies – courtesy Karen Kane
Boots – Frye Vera Slouch
Scarf – gift – similar
Garnet stud earrings – courtesy Silver Speck
Bag, Foley + Corinna Mid City Tote via eBay

This is before the BIG snow hit, but you can see the first blobs of white in the background. I wore this for a party that included a screening of the undeniably trippy Star Wars Holiday Special, which aired in 1978. Imagine 10-minute stretches with nothing but Wookie dialogue consisting of grunts and howls, psychedelic dance sequences, and Princess Leia singing. Also Bea Arthur singing. Also lots of other weirdness all in the name of the Wookie Christmas equivalent, Life Day. It was a blast. read more

Dressed for: A New Shade

Already Pretty outfit featuring cargo coat, Desigual scarf, jeggings, Miz Mooz purple boots

Coat, Opitz (overdyed) – similar – more cargo coats
Tee – Gap
Skinnies – courtesy Karen Kane
Boots, Miz Mooz Shelley (no longer available) – similar (in deep purple)
Scarf, Desigual (no longer available) – more Desigual
Earrings, art fair – similar

So, remember this coat?

Well, I over-dyed it last weekend and I’ve gotta say I like it SO MUCH MORE now that it’s black! (Posted an initial photo over on Facebook Sunday evening.) read more