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Dressed for: Midi

Already Pretty outfit featuring graphic tee, leather midi skirt, chain booties, Rebecca Minkoff Logan

Tee – Brooklyn Industries (organic cotton)
Skirt – DKNY via eBaysimilarsustainable/used
Boots – Dolce Vita Yazmina – similarsecondhand options
Bag – Rebecca Minkoff Logan via eBay (no longer available) – similarsustainable
Bracelets – various – similar/sustainable
Wrap bracelet – Streets Ahead (no longer available) – similar/sustainable
Watch – Burberry via eBay

One of the few items I regret purging? My leather midi skirt. I missed it almost as soon as summer rolled around … though, between you and me, it never quite zipped up all the way. This new-to-me DKNY leather skirt is about a thousand times softer and zips up properly. So perhaps I’ve just traded up. read more

Dressed for: Sweltering

Already Pretty outfit featuring black button dress, black studded wrap belt, chain booties, fringe handbag

Dress – thrifted – similarsustainable
Belt – Another Line
Boots – Dolce Vita Yazmina – similarsecondhand options
Bag – Amazon/DIY (post here) – vintage/handmade fringe bags
Earrings – Bree Richey
Bracelet – J.Crew via eBaysimilarsustainable

Those famed Dog Days of Summer? They have ARRIVED. And even though I’m mostly hiding from the humidity in my air-conditioned home, I can’t stay indoors until fall. So out come the dresses, the belts, and the ankle boots! The earrings haven’t made an appearance on the blog yet, but I bought them months ago at the American Craft Council show from Bree Richey. Who is as hilarious as she is talented. read more

Dressed for: Listening

Already Pretty outfit featuring Comfy USA striped tunic, black leggings, chain booties, black fringe handbag, long pendant necklace

Tunic – Comfy USA via Lissa the Shop
Leggings – Old Navy (old, but I assume these are the same)
Boots – Dolce Vita Yazmina
Bag – Amazon/DIY (post here) – more fringe bags
Necklace – Kali Butterfly
Bracelet – Diesel (no longer available) – similar look – gorgeous watch with similar design
Earrings – The Wellington Boot

I wore this to attend a reading by Rachel Hills and Kate Harding put on by The Riveter. Both were discussing their new books – Rachel’s is The Sex Myth, Kate’s Asking for It – and both were articulate and engaging speakers. I bought both books and based on these ladies’ blog writings I know they’ll be fascinating reads. read more