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Gracey Wears: A Chambray Blazer Three Ways

Dearest Reader Friends, I have something to confess: I don’t like jean jackets.

*Pauses to wait to be struck down by a bolt of stylish lightning from the Fashion Gods.*

*No lightning forthcoming. Resumes confession*

Because, here’s the what with myself and jean jackets.  I don’t look good in them.  I don’t look timelessly cool or chic.  I look like a box.  A denim box.  And there isn’t anything wrong with being a denim box if you are, well, a box made of denim.  But, I am not a box made of denim and therefore don’t want to look like a denim box. read more

Gracey Wears: Elevated Basics

I am not a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl.  I am, however, an elevated t-shirt and jeans kind of girl:

Gracey of Fashion for Giants wears coral Gap jeans, a blue linen LOFT tee & a LOFT statement necklace

Gracey from Fashion for Giants wears coral Gap jeans, a blue linen tee, a LOFT necklace & Old Navy metallic flatsSpecifically, I’m a coral jeans, linen tee & metallic flats kind of girl.  They’re basics, they’re just elevated basics.  Instead of standard blue jeans, I chose a bright coral.  And instead of a plain cotton tee, I chose a boxy linen tee.  And, instead of neutral flats or, tennis shoes *shudder*, I chose a metallic, ankle strap flat.

By wearing variations of basic pieces that fit my colorful personal style, I can make a “classic” look work for me. read more