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Dressed for: Alternate Reds

Already Pretty outfit featuring CAbi moto, gray wool sheath dress, red tights, Coclico boots, Desigual scarf

Scarf – Desigual (no longer available) – some on eBay
Jacket – CAbi – similar
Dress – Banana Republic (no longer available) – similar
Tights – Express
Boots – Coclico via eBaymore Coclico
Earrings – White Sands Glass

This outfit was meant to include my red boots, which haven’t been worn in ages but have survived many a merciless closet purge because RED BOOTS. They looked utterly weird with these pieces because they’re very tall and loose-fitting at the top, and just didn’t gel with the other decidedly fitted elements. It was like they became strangely disproportionate, heeled red galoshes. So I kept the scarf with its pop of red, swapped in some red tights with my black Coclicos, and a considerably less weird outfit was born. read more

Dressed for: Pink Pops

Already Pretty outfit featuring black blazer, black brooch, hot pink top, striped full skirt, pink tights, Coclico boots

Blazer – thrifted – similar
Brooch – thrifted – similar
Top – Old Navy (no longer available) – similar color
Skirt – Sandee Royalty – similar thru size 36
Tights – Express (no longer available) – similar color
Boots – Coclico via eBay – more Coclico boots
Earrings – CJ Rose Boutique

The increasingly shorter, increasingly darker days are starting to get to me, friends. I don’t feel much like myself and my supply of perkiness is dwindling. This outfit was an attempt to use color and pattern to lift my spirits, and it definitely helped. Nothing like some bold stripes and pops of bright pink to energize a gal. read more

Dressed for: Tunic Season

Already Pretty outfit featuring Gudrun Sjoden tunic, jeggings, olive green boots, Coclico boots, potato pearl necklace

Tunic – courtesy Gudrun Sjoden
Jeans – courtesy Karen Kane
Boots – Coclico (no longer available) – similarmore Coclico boots
Necklace – thrifted – similar items
Watch – Nixon Time Teller
Earrings – gift – similar

Glad to be back, friends, though sad to report that – as often happens when I allow myself to relax at all – I am now sick as a dog, BLECH. Even if I weren’t, though, I’d be reaching back a bit for outfits and this one is from a few weeks ago before it got all cold and sleet-y. These olive green Coclico boots had been languishing until I took them to George’s and had them lop off a few inches from the top. Amazing what a difference a bit of boot height can make! I loved pairing them with this bold printed Gudrun tunic. And also love that it’s tunic, legging, and boot season at last. read more