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This Week I Love …


Gudrun Sjödén.

Confession: I’ve never bought or worn a Gudrun Sjödén garment. I can’t even recall how I came across this company, but I’ve been a fan from afar for about four years now. I’ve got a New York trip planned for the near future, and am excited to visit the new Manhattan outpost. But here are the reasons why I’m happy to endorse this company despite zero personal experience:

Amazing use of color

I’ve got pages of Gudrun in my inspiration binder, and loads of images on my color pairing Pinterest board. Aside from J.Crew, the folks at Gudrun Sjödén are my color-mixing idols. I can’t even count how many outfits have been inspired by images of these clothes styled into quirky, creative ensembles. read more

Reader Request: Short Hair and Personal Style Shifts


Jess popped this question into the suggestion box:

As someone who is considering going from long to short hair, a post on how your crop has changed your styling would be very interesting!

I chopped my hair in July of 2011 so we’re going on two years for the pixie. Initially, I got a lot of comments about how changing my hair was causing me to change my dressing choices, and I can’t say that I agreed. In fact, looking back I’ve found that I am making very similar styling choices now, as a short-haired gal, to the ones I made with longer locks. Behold: read more

Developing a Color Palette for Your Closet


Sally had a reader request ages ago about limiting yourself to a well-edited color palette, and I wanted to share my experiences with doing just that.  If you’re like Sally and love all colors, this isn’t the path for you! But if shopping is overwhelming, you find it difficult to mix and match what you have, or you find yourself buying colorful pieces that sit unworn, then it may be ideal for you.

I love to shop, and I’ve always loved color. But in the past, I would buy certain items out of “necessity.” (Meaning because some list told me I needed them!) They’d sit in my closet, never worn. Brown pumps, I’m looking at you!  I’d buy a mint shirt and wouldn’t know how to style it. It looked harsh against black, washed out against grey. So it sat, unworn. I envy ladies and gents who mix and match colors like pros, but that yellow cardigan in my closet needs a new home. read more