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Doing The Time Warp

You may have noticed that a few more amazing contributors have joined the Already Pretty team, and today I’m thrilled to introduce Cassie, author of Reluctant Femme. Cassie  will be writing about beauty, cosmetics, feminism, sexuality, body image, and more. Today, though, she’s going to tell us a bit about herself. And Rocky Horror.

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A little while ago Sally asked me to join the contribution team here, and as a long time reader I was, of course, absolutely thrilled. A very small percentage of you might be here because I’ve linked this off my own little tiny blog, but I imagine to most of you I’m a complete stranger. By way of an introduction, I’ve decided tell you about a little cult movie called “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” and how it changed my life. read more

Cleavage Goes To Work

Victor1558 via Compfight cc

Once upon a time, our beloved Sally did a couple of posts about her interpretation of “sexy secretary” style. I remember reading both entries and the ensuing discussion in the comments sections with great interest. I considered jumping in but I was a brand spanking new reader at the time. I was still feeling shy and it seemed that Sally’s readers had covered all the relevant perspectives in a thoughtful, intelligent way.

Recently, I was poking around the site, looking for advice on pencil skirts (Me + pencil skirts = hot mess!) The sexy secretary entries popped up in my search string, so I decided to give them a re-read. That’s when I realized I did have something to add to the discussion. So rather than comment on a post from 2010, I figured I’d pipe up in a post of my very own. read more

Gracey on Power Dressing

Today I’m going to talk about power dressing.

I think that a lot of people associate power dressing with the 80s:

Joan Collins as Alexis Carrington

 But, according to Wikipedia, the concept of power dressing was actually popularized in the 1970s by the books Dress for Success and The Women’s Dress for Success Book:

Woman's Dress for Success Cover & Text

Wikipedia goes on to say that “while references to the style apply more typically to women, the look is the same for both sexes: medium-length parted hair (trimmed on the back and sides for men); dark, conservative, usually matching pants and jacket (sometimes a long skirt for women); and bold, colorful “accents”, such as ties, kerchiefs or brooches.”  This look was supposed to convey competency and confidence and therefore, power. read more