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Reader Request: Discarded Wardrobe Staples

Reader Alex left this question in a comment:

What are some of the things (type of garment, silhouette, color pairing, anything!) you have moved away from that you never would have thought you’d factor out of your wardrobe? If you felt so inclined to structure a post around a few of them and perhaps some of your reasoning why–although I imagine a lot of the explanation would boil down to “my style evolved and I found myself more interested in x, y, and z instead of a, b, and c”–I know I would be fascinated! read more

Originally posted 2014-07-29 06:35:56.

Daily Outfit: 4/12/11

Already Pretty Daily Outfit 4/12/11 featuring Coclico boots

Cropped, patterned cardi, thrifted – similar shapemore cropped cardigans
Black dress, Athleta(no longer available) – similar
Tights, Target (no longer available) – similar
Boots, Coclico Awasos (no longer available) – more Coclico boots
Bangle, local shop – similar
Earrings, Lulidesigns

It may seem like a strange choice to wear boots and tights on a 70-degree day. But! Today was the first day since fall that I was able to bike commute to work!* And when I arrive at my office, freshen up, get dressed, and sit down in my cube, I am, inevitably, FREEZING. Today was no exception, so I was grateful for the extra – if a bit unseasonable – coverage. read more

Daily Outfit: 2/7/11

Already Pretty Daily Outfit 2/7/11 featuring Miz Mooz boots

Cropped pink cardigan, thrifted – similar(this is the EXACT shape, color, and brand … but there must’ve been a women’s version at one point, cuz mine is a medium)
Notch neck pink dress, thrifted – similar shape, similar color
Gray tights, can’t remember – similar
Gray boots, Miz Mooz Gayle, courtesy Miz Mooz
Scarf, thrifted – similar

As I gear up for my trip to New York and prepare to spend a week wearing a capsule wardrobe designed to accommodate near-constant wearing of my Sorels, I find myself wanting to wear lots of girly stuff, lots of colorful stuff, and some long-neglected shoes and boots. And so we have shocking pink and the Gayle boots! read more