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Gracey Wears: Wide Legs

Let me first go on record as saying I love a skinny jean.  There is nothing that tucks into a boot better than a skinny jean.  However, the one trend I’m most excited about for this spring and summer is wide legs.

They started coming into style last year so I gave them a shot.  And, as it turns out, I love me some wide leg pants:

gracey the giant in plum pants, LOFT sweater, silk scarf & slingback mules

I love them in wide leg ankle length, like the above pair.  And I love them in culotte/gaucho form, like this thrifted pair:

fashion for giants in vintage culottes, vintage bow blouse & cage sandals

Now, they are not, perhaps, as figure-flattering as some other items in my closet.  But, I’ve realized that figure-flattery isn’t high on my list of priorities when I get dressed.  Is it because, as I get older, I have less of a figure to flatter?  It’s possible; but mostly, comfort and joy are just prioritized higher for me. read more

Dressed for: Triple Trends

Already Pretty outfit featuring culottes, striped crop top, matte black pendant, leather wrap bracelet, bucket bag

Top – Kohl’s
Culottes – courtesy Karen Kane
Sandals – B.O.C. Malay
Necklace – Tomo Jewelry
Earrings – Lockhart Wrks
Bracelet – courtesy Novica (no longer available) – similar
Bag – Madewell via Shopbop

Culottes, crop top, bucket bag – three trends in one outfit. Total fluke, but somehow amusing to me.

Side note: I knew about and wore culottes when I was a little girl, but never saw the word spelled out, so I assumed it was something along the lines of “coolots.” Because that’s how it’s pronounced and that’s how my mom said it. Then a year or so ago this style of pant came around again, but this time I saw the word written and assumed the garment itself was some variant of what I scampered around in as a kid. I also assumed that the word describing this new variant was pronounced “cull-oats.” Because I speak English, a very small amount of Spanish, and Pig Latin, but no French. And yet my childhood coolots and my adulthood culottes are, in fact, the same thing. LIVE AND LEARN. read more