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Reader Request: Stylish Shoes That Accommodate Orthotics

I’ve had many requests for this topic and knew I was out of my depth, so I called in an expert. Kirsten over at Barking Dog Shoes gets many shout-outs from me for her unmatched expertise in finding shoes that work for fussy feet of all kinds. Read on for her recommendations for stylish shoes that accommodate orthotics!

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I’ll never forget when the podiatrist handed me my brand spankin’ new custom orthotics and said, “You’ll need to buy a pair of New Balance sneakers now and wear them all the time.” I dutifully nodded, then promptly walked to my car and cried. It was 1998 and I had been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis three months prior. I was a 28 year-old middle school teacher that loved cute shoes. My tears quickly turned to resolve as I dismissed the thought of wearing glaringly white, cloddy sneakers with my skirts. No way, no how. There had to be some other type of footwear that would accommodate the orthotics. I soon became frustrated in my search, however. Remember, this was fifteen years ago. I settled on removing the insoles from my favorite purple suede Hush Puppies and shoving the orthotics in them for an anything-but-custom fit. Sigh. read more