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This Week I Love …


Karen Kane denim.

I’ve been doing style consults for nearly five years now, and have started to notice some recurring themes with my clients: Many are leery of accessorization, most benefit from tips on how to be intentional with black and white, and the vast majority hate their jeans. I happily point many to Lee and Talbots, but just about everyone gets sent some Karen Kane links.

You’ve seen me wearing my Karen Kane skinnies and denim leggings to DEATH for years, so you know I’m not just blowing hot air, here. But let me tell you why I’ve become a bona-fide ambassador for this brand’s denim offerings: read more

Uniform Behavior

Business Casual Uniform 1

On those workday mornings when I find myself up against the wall time-wise, my Business Casual Uniforms save the day. I’m fortunate in that on non-meeting days, jeans are acceptable in my workplace, but I try to keep the overall look polished. Here I’ve paired with a simple tee, black knit jacket and low-heeled patent pumps.

business casual uniform

I love mixing a bit of shine and sparkle with my denim, here have added some rhinestone earrings, a gold watch and cuff.

Business Casual Uniform 4

Have you formulated one or more uniforms for work days? read more