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Diversity, Normalcy, and the Real World


Back in October, “Selma” director Ava DuVernay’s spoke at Elle’s Women in Hollywood awards. She spoke about diversity, but she framed her thoughts in an unusual way: She pointed out that what the media dubs “diversity” is really just “normalization.” She said:

Last thing I’ll say is I really hate the word ‘diversity.’ Oh, I just don’t like it. It feels like medicine. Diversity is like, ‘Ugh. I have to do diversity.’ I recognize and celebrate what it is, but that word, to me, is a disconnect. There’s an emotional disconnect. Inclusion feels closer; belonging is even closer. Because we all belong to film. We all belong to television. We all belong to what this is. We look at Shondas and the Jills and the Oprahs and the Kathryns and all the women doing work behind the camera … So, I just want us to think about belonging. Think about who belongs. And welcoming people into that belonging. read more

Guest Post: Stacy on Style and Visibility for Women Who Use Wheelchairs

I’ve been following Stacy’s blog, stacyverb, for at least a year now, and am consistently impressed by her enviable sewing and jewelry-making skills, her bold use of fun prints, and her dazzling smile. She’s also a smart, curious, enthusiastic blogger with a true lust for life, and it really shows. She’s a joy to read, I tell ya.

When reader L. wrote to me recently and asked if I’d post about style and visibility for women with mobility issues and other physical disabilities, I knew that Stacy could offer far more insight than I, and immediately hit her up for a guest post. Read on for her thoughts on her own sartorial challenges, and how she meets them. read more