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A Few of My Favorite Body-positive Blogs

curvy yoga

As my weekly link roundups illustrate, I read a lot of blogs. A LOT. And I’d say I add two to three new ones to my feedly list every week, so my “lot” is ever-growing. Today, I want to share a few of the body image-focused and generally body-positive blogs that I enjoy and hope you’ll share some of YOUR favorites in the comments, too! (I certainly have room in my “lot” for more.)

Weightless – Not only does Margarita’s own writing focus on the issues surrounding weight and body image, but she does a spectacular job of rounding up and introducing other body-positive resources to her readers. She interviews authors, quotes from bloggers, and creates stellar link roundups. read more

Doing The Time Warp

You may have noticed that a few more amazing contributors have joined the Already Pretty team, and today I’m thrilled to introduce Cassie, author of Reluctant Femme. Cassie  will be writing about beauty, cosmetics, feminism, sexuality, body image, and more. Today, though, she’s going to tell us a bit about herself. And Rocky Horror.

* * * * *

A little while ago Sally asked me to join the contribution team here, and as a long time reader I was, of course, absolutely thrilled. A very small percentage of you might be here because I’ve linked this off my own little tiny blog, but I imagine to most of you I’m a complete stranger. By way of an introduction, I’ve decided tell you about a little cult movie called “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” and how it changed my life. read more

This Week I Love …


Gudrun Sjödén.

Confession: I’ve never bought or worn a Gudrun Sjödén garment. I can’t even recall how I came across this company, but I’ve been a fan from afar for about four years now. I’ve got a New York trip planned for the near future, and am excited to visit the new Manhattan outpost. But here are the reasons why I’m happy to endorse this company despite zero personal experience:

Amazing use of color

I’ve got pages of Gudrun in my inspiration binder, and loads of images on my color pairing Pinterest board. Aside from J.Crew, the folks at Gudrun Sjödén are my color-mixing idols. I can’t even count how many outfits have been inspired by images of these clothes styled into quirky, creative ensembles. read more