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Reader Request: Perking Up Your Evening and Dinner Outfits

How to add pizzazz to your evening and dinner outfits

Brenda popped this one into the suggestion box:

I’d like some thoughts on day versus going out to dinner clothes. I wear dresses and jackets/blazers to work, and they seem dressy enough to wear out to dinner. I’d like to pick up some ideas for adding a little “wow” so that my dinner outfits still feel like me, but they also feel a little special. P.S. In the Portland, Oregon area, so many people wear jeans to everything and tank tops are common in the summer, even at fancier places. I need to blend in a little! read more

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Reader Request: Incorporating Oddballs

difficult to style clothes

Bubu e-mailed me this question:

My mother-in-law asked if I’d be interested in a leather jacket [then] she showed me a knee-length black leather a-line coat with a tie waist and a black fur (real? i think) collar. It fit me surprisingly well – a bit loose in the waist (though I can tighten it with the belt), good length, and, key for me, well-fitting in the shoulders. I said I would take it and I’m kind of tickled because it’s like nothing I own and nothing I would pick, or could afford to buy. Plus I know the fashion mags say accents of faux fur are big right now, and that’s not the kind of thing I would generally go for, but why not take that trend for a spin for free? read more

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Reader Request: Casual Shorts, Dressy Shorts

How to wear casual shorts outfits AND dressy shorts outfits

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Readers Carrie and Kelli had similar requests:

I’d love to find out how to wear shorts stylishly, both casually and more dressy, for spring and summer. And how plus-size women can wear them and look great.

Most of my thoughts on how to pick shorts that flatter your bod – including some recommendations for various heights and body types – can be found in this post on stylish shorts. So if you’re wondering which style to purchase and wear, start there! But if you’re looking for some ways to style your shorts for the season, read on: read more

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