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Reader Request: Wool Care and How to Get Rid of Moths

get rid of moths

Sue sent me this request by e-mail:

This morning I dropped off a blazer at the dry cleaners. The blazer is a lovely purple and it’s a thrift find. The shop owner commented that it could have been attacked by moths, there are some tell-tale tiny holes. I’m now on the fence about whether to keep it or toss it.

Anyway this experience made me realize how little I do know about wool, and seeing as the cold months are coming up, I was wondering if you might do a post on this on the site. Some of the things I wonder about are: read more

Originally posted 2015-01-08 06:50:05.

This Week I Love …

SteamFast SF-435W Compact Fabric Steamer Р$24.98

… my travel steamer.

During middle school and high school, I worked retail at a clothing boutique a block from my childhood home. And there I met the jumbo industrial steamer, which made rumpled, creased clothing look flowy and fresh. I know that Deja has invested in a Jiffy steamer and loves it, but I’m happy with my mini travel model for now. It’s far from perfect, with a fairly small chamber and a tendency to burp water onto my clothes if tipped to the wrong angle, but it’s a thousand times more effective at actually removing creases and wrinkles than any other travel steamer I’ve ever owned. Powerful and efficient, if a bit temperamental. read more