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Dressed for: Hidden Matching

Already Pretty outfit featuring Echo Designs Times Square scarf, LOFT gray cotton flannel blazer, purple skirt, gray tights, ECCO Sculptured 65 tall boots, Foley + Corinna Jet Set tote

Scarf – Echo Designs Times Square
Blazer – LOFT
Tee (it’s under there!) – Amber Sun (no longer available) – similar color
Skirt – Theory via eBaysimilar
Tights – erg, Target I think – similar color
Boots – ECCO Sculptured 65
Bag – Foley + Corinna Jet Set
Earrings – White Sands Glass

There really is a tee under there. I swear. And it matches the color of that eBayed skirt SO PERFECTLY you’d swear they were made by the same company at the same time instead of years and several price ranges apart. I’ll have to pair them up again when it’s not ridiculously cold so you can marvel along with me. read more

Dressed for: Times Square

Already Pretty outfit featuring Echo Designs Times Square Wrap, gray cashmere sweater, gray wool skirt, magenta tights, ECCO Sculptured 65 tall boots, Cole Haan handbag

Scarf – Echo Designs Times Square
Sweater – thrifted – similar
Skirt – thrifted – similar
Tights – Target (old but these are same I think, Fandango Pink color)
Boots – ECCO Sculptured 65
Bag – Cole Haan Brooke via eBay – more of this style still on eBay
Earrings – White Sands Glass

What? You don’t believe I’m in Times Square? Oh, all right. I’m talking about this scarf, which features a gorgeous, colorful, digital print of that famed New York landmark/destination in all its neon glory. When it’s wound around my neck like this you can’t tell, of course, but it’s still lovely to look at. And since some of my favorite folks and closest friends live in NYC, it makes me all the happier to have a colorful, cozy reminder of the place keeping me warm. read more

Dressed for: Heritage

Already Pretty outfit featuring J.Crew heart intarsia sweater, Coach duffle handbag, red tights, black full skirt, ECCO Sculptured 65 tall boots, red plaid scarf

Sweater – J.Crew via eBaysimilar
Skirt – Banana Republic (no longer available) – similar
Tights – Express (old but these are the same)
Boots – ECCO Sculptured 65
Scarf – bought at a tourist shop in Edinburgh – similar
Earrings – gift – similar
Bag – Coach Duffle

There are two pieces of personal heritage in this outfit, one more legit than the other.

My great grandmother’s maiden name was Stewart, so my mom and I always assumed we had some Scottish blood and I made sure to nab a few items in the Stewart tartan while in Scotland, including this gorgeous wool scarf. My grandma recently told us she doesn’t think that’s right … but Mom and I are sticking to our story. We like the idea of being somewhat Scottish. read more