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Size Segregation

Joi of InMyJoi 1

Recently while perusing Instagram, I came across a post from retail sensation Forever 21 announcing plans to showcase its plus size fashion line under a separate Instagram account. I could not help but delve into the hundreds of comments that had been made less than one hour of the initial announcement. My immediate thought was: “Size Segregation.”

Already Prettypoll: Photoshop Talk

Earlier this spring, a friend and I had a long conversation about women and the media. First, we lamented the fact that every single article written about a powerful woman described what she was wearing, how she did her hair, and/or the ways in her style and grooming had changed over the course of her career. But eventually we came around to Photoshop.

Some organizations, publications, and countries are fighting hard against photo retouching and the false notions it instills in the observing public. But, as former Marie Claire editor Liz Jones explains, the fashion industry and the media associated with it are NOT on board. They are resistant to body diversity, but they are even more resistant to going Photoshop-free. read more