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Reader Request: Vegan Picks

Looking for sustainable options that aren’t necessarily vegan? Check out my running list of Vendors and Brands with Sustainable, Conscious, or Worker-focused Practices!

A roundup of vegan-friendly brands and styles


What about a post of fun vegan clothes and accessories? It’s not all hemp and caftans, I swear.

Indeed! I am not vegan myself, but have been consistently impressed by the vegan-friendly offerings on the market in recent years. My understanding is that truly vegan clothing and accessories include absolutely no animal products whatsoever: No wool, silk, down, leather, fur, feathers, nothing. So that means man-made materials, cotton, linen, rayon, and other plant-based fibers are all fair game. (Other materials I’m missing? Do tell!) read more

Originally posted 2011-11-28 06:41:21.

This Week I Love …

… the fact that faux leather and leather lookalikes have come SUCH a long way in recent years.

I’ll level with ya: I still balk a little at faux leather shoes because the few pairs I’ve tried have worn out quickly and made my feet uncomfortably warm and sticky. Leather may not breathe the way, say, linen does, but it breathes better than polyurethane. However! I am unspeakably impressed by how much softer, suppler, and real-er the current batch of faux leathers is than the crinkly, stinky crap that was available when I was a kid. Also completely love waxed/coated denim and other treatments that are meant to hint at leatheriness, but subtly. read more