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Body Image at the Gym

This post about body image and gym mentality got me thinking. Author Elissa had read that many women avoid engaging in physical activities or sports due to self-consciousness or negative body image, and described her own feelings of apprehension and worry while running on a gym treadmill. She said:

Negative body image can have a huge impact on exercise. We all know how important it is to be active – the merits of physical activity include strengthened muscles, stronger bones, decreased stress and better sleep. But it’s no surprise that so many women feel uneasy in an environment where bodies are seemingly on display. Whether the discomfort comes from working out in front of men, the fear that they’re being compared to other women, or the disdain to be seen perspiring and red-faced, it’s there, and interferes in efforts to get healthy and stay active. read more

Sal on Wheels: The Bike Commute

A lot has changed since I first posted about my bike commute back in July of 2009, and since biking season is upon us I figured it was time for an update! For starters …

… I got a new bike. Yes, I traded in my 65-pound one-speed cruiser for a 40-pound three-speed cruiser. My new ride is a Specialized Globe with an internal gear box, and although we got off to a bit of a bumpy start this year with some flat tires and gear tension issues, I’m still thrilled to have made the change. (Especially now that I’ve upgraded to Kevlar-lined tires. How badass is THAT?!?) This bike has seat and front wheel shocks – cheap ones, but still – and they make my ride sooooo much more pleasant. read more