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This Week I Love …


Moroccan Oil.

Here’s the lastest installment of the “My Hair is Weird” saga: For the past year or so, I have had flaking. Lots of it. My stylist and I have discussed countless possible causes: Dandruff, dry scalp, product buildup, product getting clumpy because of flat-ironing. I have changed products, tried clarifying treatments, changed styling tools, changed just about everything and kept on flaking.

Then I got fantastically sick and didn’t wash my hair for a week. I also didn’t put any product in it. And I still flaked, so I finally realized it wasn’t a reaction to product or product buildup. Then when I did my little redhead experiment, the flakes vanished. For two full weeks. Then, as suddenly as they were gone, they were back in full force. But this time they were kinda … tan. Brown. A little red. I mean, it wasn’t like I had red pepper flakes falling off my head, but they weren’t white anymore. So I knew it was scalp-related. read more