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Dressed for: Weekending

Already Pretty outfit featuring cropped red cardigan, striped tank top, mustard skirt, flat cognac boots

Cropped cardigan, thifted – similar
Striped tank, thrifted – similar
Skirt, Anthropologie Field Skirt (no longer available) – similar
Boots, Indigo by Clarks Proctor (no longer available) – similar
Bag – Banana Republic (no longer available) – similar
Necklace, gift – more geometric necklaces
Earrings, courtesy Metalicious
Bracelet, gift – similar

This is pretty much my ideal weekend outfit. It’s cute and sassy, but with those flat boots and the elastic-backed skirt waistband it gets high marks for comfort, too. I will admit to feeling incredibly underdressed when I sauntered into the launch party for my dear friend Barbara’s new deck, The Steampunk Tarot. Can’t believe I missed an opportunity to wear my Audra Jean harness. Dangit all. read more

Daily Outfit: 5/5/11

Already Pretty Daily Outfit 5/5/11 featuring shirt dress

Shirt Dress, Land’s End (sold out, apparently!) – similarmore full-skirted shirt dresses
Boots, Indigo by Clarks – Proctor
Necklace, Dana LeBlanc
Belt, a gift – similar

I had a slightly nerve-wracking meeting today, and I needed to look good. Also, since I knew I’d be sweating buckets, I needed to wear something absorbent and washable. Also it is raining. Also still living in the Flatlands. Gotta love it when a cute outfit is born of necessity. read more

Daily Outfit: 5/2/11

Red sweater, thrifted – similar
Oxford shirt, thrifted – similar
Skirt, Gap (no longer available) – same skirt on eBaysimilar
Boots, Indigo by Clarks – Proctor
Hoops, Patinasimilar

My back has been acting up again, so I’m going to try to limit my heels-based outfits a bit until it calms down again. Thank goodness I’ve some great pairs of flat boots to tide me over. Those of you with chronic back pain, does it exhaust you? I slept really well last night, but felt spectacularly tired all day today. read more