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Guest Post: The Fashion Club


Several weeks ago, I had the honor and pleasure of meeting with an amazing group of women who have organized their very own Fashion Club. These gals all live here in the Twin Cities and were drawn together by a desire to look good AND feel good. They’ve come to rely on each other for input and guidance, while each following a distinct stylistic path. I had a fabulous time chatting with them over coffee, and found myself becoming quite envious of their group! How amazing to cultivate a dedicated, organized cluster of friends who can trade tips about colors, thrifting, figure flattery, and all things style? Seriously. These women are extremely lucky. read more

Guest Post: Stacy on Style and Visibility for Women Who Use Wheelchairs

I’ve been following Stacy’s blog, stacyverb, for at least a year now, and am consistently impressed by her enviable sewing and jewelry-making skills, her bold use of fun prints, and her dazzling smile. She’s also a smart, curious, enthusiastic blogger with a true lust for life, and it really shows. She’s a joy to read, I tell ya.

When reader L. wrote to me recently and asked if I’d post about style and visibility for women with mobility issues and other physical disabilities, I knew that Stacy could offer far more insight than I, and immediately hit her up for a guest post. Read on for her thoughts on her own sartorial challenges, and how she meets them. read more