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This Week I Love …



So here’s the story: I’ve owned Clarks in the past, and knew that the brand reliably designed comfortable, high quality shoes. But I hadn’t owned a pair in a while, so much of my enthusiasm was secondhand: Clients LOVED the brand, readers LOVED the brand, bloggers who talk about fussy feet LOVED the brand. Enough folks loved the brand that I knew it was a good one.

But now that I’ve worked some pairs into my own shoe collection? I’m a little obsessed. Just to get this out there, no one is paying me to write this. There will be affiliate links in here, but I am honestly just so jazzed about this brand and so excited to see them churning out gorgeous, chic, wearable styles each season that I’ve chosen to gush entirely on my own. I am stalking Clarks now the way I stalked Fryes back in the day. I am recommending this brand to my girlfriends and they are quickly becoming as obsessed as I. Let me show you why: read more

This Week I Love …

my oil sponge

… my oil sponge.

This little gizmo comes up in just about every shoe care-related post I’ve written, but it deserves its own moment in the spotlight. I have a bottle of leather conditioner that I use when my shoes and boots are looking dry or damaged, but for minor scuffs, faded color, or any quick touch-ups, I use my oil sponge. It’s a temporary fix – especially when it comes to scuffed and fading boot and shoe toes – but it sticks around for a couple of wears. Won’t work on patent leather or suede, of course, but this little whiz cleans and conditions oiled and waxed leathers using original leather oils. Quick, easy, cheap, and virtually foolproof. Just how I like my wardrobe-care solutions! read more

Power Shoes

I’ve had many people ask me, “Why do women love shoes?” And I never quite know what to say. Who am I to speak for all women? Who says that all women love shoes? Why does it matter anyway?

And yet I sometimes catch myself wondering why it is that I love shoes as much as I do. Because there are many marvelous elements within my wardrobe, but I am most emotionally attached to my shoes.

And there’s definitely something to the idea that shoes are likely to fit and look amazing no matter how much weight you’ve lost or how bloated you feel, no matter how tired or crabby or upset you are. Shoes are a constant within outfits. They’re reliable. If they look great at 6 a.m., they’ll still look great at 9 p.m. (Barring unforeseen mud puddle encounters and the like.) read more