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This Week I Love …


Moroccan Oil.

Here’s the lastest installment of the “My Hair is Weird” saga: For the past year or so, I have had flaking. Lots of it. My stylist and I have discussed countless possible causes: Dandruff, dry scalp, product buildup, product getting clumpy because of flat-ironing. I have changed products, tried clarifying treatments, changed styling tools, changed just about everything and kept on flaking.

Then I got fantastically sick and didn’t wash my hair for a week. I also didn’t put any product in it. And I still flaked, so I finally realized it wasn’t a reaction to product or product buildup. Then when I did my little redhead experiment, the flakes vanished. For two full weeks. Then, as suddenly as they were gone, they were back in full force. But this time they were kinda … tan. Brown. A little red. I mean, it wasn’t like I had red pepper flakes falling off my head, but they weren’t white anymore. So I knew it was scalp-related. read more

This Week I Love …

… having short hair.

It’s been almost a year since I chopped my locks, and the ‘do has undergone a lot of tweaks over the months. I’ve liked every iteration, and am sure that my look will continue to evolve, but the constant has been loving the feeling of short, sassy locks that show my face and align with my personal style. I imagine that someday I’ll grow it all out, but I have loved and am loving living the short hair life.

Whenever someone who has worn her hair long for ages goes short, she’s typically applauded for her bravery. To me, bravery means saving a child from a burning building, running for office, standing up to a bully. Hair grows back. Cutting it all off is certainly a risk, and growing it back out is certainly a process, but making the choice to wear your hair short doesn’t strike me as a courageous move. On the other hand, hair is EXTREMELY emotional. Our own hair and hair-related choices are fraught and difficult, and we can even become emotionally involved in the hair-lives of celebrities. So perhaps short hair is a braver move than I realize. read more

Balancing Earrings with Hairstyles

Shown above are my favorite earrings from Infrared Studios. They’re big monsters, as you can see, and I’ve worn them tons since I nabbed them back in November of 2010. The earrings are quite visible in both photos, but it’s a trick. A trick, I tell you! If I hadn’t jammed my hair behind my ear for the photo on the left, you’d hardly have known I was wearing earrings at all.

See? In the outfit shot from that day, you can just barely see some curved metal objects peeking through the hair curtains. These earrings played a very different role in my accessorization life back when I had longer locks. read more