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How to Switch Handbags Quickly and Easily

Not so long ago, I owned one handbag. ONE. It was a black hobo with two external pockets, and I used it for everything. But when I began to want my bag to align more closely with my outfit, I realized that one slouchy black leather hobo didn’t actually feel right with everything I wore. And now, several years later, I’ve got a lovely collection of bags. I would say that I generally swap bags every day or every other day, even on the weekend. My bag choices are similar to my other accessory choices: I want them to feel harmonious with my chosen clothes. And that means the one-bag-fits-all philosophy no longer works for me. read more

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DIY-plus Fringed Handbag


I may have mentioned that I’m pretty useless when it comes to DIY projects. I can do some basic jewelry repairs and overdye the occasional garment, but anything more complex than that? I am more likely to bung it up than I am to make it work. So I buy things that are just right instead of almost-right, knowing that my attempts to “fix” them may render them useless or unwearable.

BUT. Sometimes I get a wild hair and things work out. And this bag represents one of those times, thank goodness. Because I kinda love the look of fringed bags this season, but all of the ones I wanted to buy were in the $300+ range. And I don’t mind ponying up for a quality bag, but since fringe is trendy and I may end up carrying this bag for two years or less, I wanted a cheaper option. read more

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Reader Request: Clothes That Fit While Sitting

How to find clothes that look good even when you're sitting down.

Reader Mirjam sent me this request via e-mail:

I was wondering if you might consider doing a blog post on clothes that look good on the well-rounded of us when sitting down? I have many gorgeous outfits that look super cute and fit comfortably when standing, but as soon as I sit down all that fat shifts and bulges and nothing looks nice any more. I am sure you must have come across that problems with clients at some point or other? I would love to read something about that!

Indulge me for a moment and read this passage from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice*: read more

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