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Affection for the Unchangeable

Loving what you cannot change about your body

An anonymous commenter had this request:

How about a post on learning to love (or a least accept) physical features that you don’t like and can’t change? Big nose, bad hair, weak chin; features that can’t be hidden or made more attractive by careful dressing.

And I thought IMMEDIATELY of a scene from “Roxanne.” Do you remember the one I’m thinking of? YouTube didn’t have a clip, unfortunately, but here’s the gist: Charlie/Cyrano decides that perhaps cosmetics can help downplay his nose. He goes to the local five & dime for some makeup counter assistance, and the woman there attempts some “shading,” which pretty much just makes his nose look … dirty. She tries her best, but there’s no makeup product or technique that’s going to achieve what Charlie is hoping. read more

Originally posted 2015-05-05 06:30:19.