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Reader Request: What About Pantyhose?

when to wear pantyhose

Reader Natalie sent me this question:

I’m a bit unsure about legwear – not tights, but stockings. As a kid, my mom and grandmother taught me never to go out in a dress without them. It isn’t proper. As an adult, I am noticing that the rules for legwear aren’t as clear cut anymore. I have been challenging myself to reflect on how I feel about stockings. My feelings are mixed. I’m worried that I either look unprofessional without them, or dated and old with them. Are there any rules on how to wear stockings? How can I make them look young and fun, rather than old and dowdy? read more

Originally posted 2014-12-15 06:08:23.

This Week I Love …


… gray tights.

Many of my style consult clients struggle with hosiery and ask me where they should start when it comes to tights. Black opaques have become the standard somehow, but I always recommend playing with gray. Gray can be tricky because it will have warm or cool undertones, but it’s still more versatile than black in many cases. Here’s why:

Gray is not as heavy as black

Although black is a great choice if you’ve got black elsewhere in your outfit or if you’re doing black shoes/boots, black can seem heavy and severe as the default neutral for tights. Here’s a funky little outfit with some wintry layers that uses black opaques. They weigh everything down. Charcoal or dark gray would work better, allowing the eye to flow over the whole ensemble instead of heading right for the darkest element. read more