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Gracey on: Brooch Clusters

Lately I’ve been loving wearing clusters of brooches or pins on my outfits; you can see some of my looks here and here. However, I have to admit that it was, at first, sort of intimidating deciding how to put the pins together. I have good news though. Through vigorous trial and error and dedicated application of the scientific principle, I’ve determined some fool proof* groupings and am here to share them with you!

First things first though. While I still love the impact of a single, shiny pin, three shiny pins are thrice as nice. For my tastes, three pins is the ideal number. Anything more looks like you’re the colonel in a fake but glittery army. And a mere two brooches look as though you forgot something. Like your third brooch. read more

How to Deal with Shoulder Nipples

So. This falls under the category of “Things You May Have Known Already.” But when I figured it out for myself, I felt like I had solved some sort of long-standing fashion mystery and I did a dance of joy. It was a short dance, but still. And just in case you aren’t in on the secret, here’s a short video on how to eliminate the dreaded … shoulder nipples. (And an explanation of what those are, too.)

P.S. Since I could only find one garment in my closet with this affliction, I had to do this video in a single take. Which explains why I mutter about “sticky-uppy bits” instead of just saying, ya know, “protrusions.” read more