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Why Caring About Your Appearance Is Valuable to Self-care


There are plenty of people who still believe that style is a frivolous pursuit. Plenty more maintain that caring for and loving your body is a waste of energy and that it’s what’s inside that matters – intellect, creativity, emotions, personality. Here are the reasons I disagree with both:

In order to move through most peopled societies, we are required to wear clothing. Nudist colonies aside, we’ve all got to get dressed every day if we want to leave our homes for any reason. Of course, economics, geography, body shape and size, ability, and many other factors can limit available clothing choices. But with thrift and fast fashion, online shopping and expanded sizing options, most people have more options now than they did even five years ago. Many, many people have choices when they dress, and what they choose to wear reflects at least a small portion of their inner lives. And in my opinion, since we’ve got to get dressed anyway, we might as well do it expressively and in ways that feel good. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: Dress, grooming, and overall appearance constitute the first levels of information about ourselves that we offer to the observing world. They may not be the most important, but they are the first, which makes them worthy of effort and attention. read more

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What’s in a Label?

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I have labeled myself with many different things over time.  I started with transvestite, moved on to cross dresser, adopted gender non-conforming, and now am using transgender.  It almost gives the impression that I have moved through some sort of stages of being transgender, on what some may reference as a transgender journey; like, yay, I get to go on vacation now that I am TG!

Really, my journey has not been in moving along some sort of destined path to womanhood.  What it has been is a struggle of attempting to figure out who I am, how to live with it, and how to describe it.  For my entire life I have behaved in ways that have not been consistent with my gender but I have never had the knowledge, the vocabulary, or the confidence to talk about it. read more

Doing The Time Warp

You may have noticed that a few more amazing contributors have joined the Already Pretty team, and today I’m thrilled to introduce Cassie, author of Reluctant Femme. Cassie  will be writing about beauty, cosmetics, feminism, sexuality, body image, and more. Today, though, she’s going to tell us a bit about herself. And Rocky Horror.

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A little while ago Sally asked me to join the contribution team here, and as a long time reader I was, of course, absolutely thrilled. A very small percentage of you might be here because I’ve linked this off my own little tiny blog, but I imagine to most of you I’m a complete stranger. By way of an introduction, I’ve decided tell you about a little cult movie called “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” and how it changed my life. read more