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Gracey Wears: Monochromatic Gray

I love color. Anyone who has ever seen my blog knows that I love color. And I love wearing multiple colors in a single outfit.

But, I also love a good monochromatic look because, while head-to-toe in a single color sounds boring, it doesn’t have to be.  And I think it can be a fun challenge to wear a monochromatic look that doesn’t make you nod off when looking in the mirror.

Take this outfit for example:

Fashion for Giants outfit featuring gray Old Navy moto jeans & a gray jeweled LOFT sweatshirt

Thanks to the shiny bits, there’s no nodding off here!

And that’s while wearing head-to-toe gray.  Gray, especially, can be a real snoozer of a color. But when you add in embellishments and metallic hues, it can also be interesting.  See? read more

This Week I Love …


Karen Kane denim.

I’ve been doing style consults for nearly five years now, and have started to notice some recurring themes with my clients: Many are leery of accessorization, most benefit from tips on how to be intentional with black and white, and the vast majority hate their jeans. I happily point many to Lee and Talbots, but just about everyone gets sent some Karen Kane links.

You’ve seen me wearing my Karen Kane skinnies and denim leggings to DEATH for years, so you know I’m not just blowing hot air, here. But let me tell you why I’ve become a bona-fide ambassador for this brand’s denim offerings: read more

Red Lips and Blue Jeans


As I’ve said approximately 90 trillion times, red is my favorite color. I’ve always been told that I look ravishing in red, which is part of its appeal, but I also love its implications of power and passion. And yet, even though I wanted desperately to do bold red lips, every red lipstick I’d ever tried looked positively clownish on me. So for ages, I assumed I just wasn’t a red lips girl. But eventually I realized that there were as many shades of red as there were women in the world and I was never going to pick a good one for myself by guessing. So I swung by my local Sephora. I said, “Red lipstick makes me look awful. But I’d like a shade that actually works for me.” The gal grabbed a tube of Make Up For Ever in Rouge Artist Intense 44, I slapped it on, and nearly fell over. read more