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How to Deal with Shoulder Nipples

So. This falls under the category of “Things You May Have Known Already.” But when I figured it out for myself, I felt like I had solved some sort of long-standing fashion mystery and I did a dance of joy. It was a short dance, but still. And just in case you aren’t in on the secret, here’s a short video on how to eliminate the dreaded … shoulder nipples. (And an explanation of what those are, too.)

P.S. Since I could only find one garment in my closet with this affliction, I had to do this video in a single take. Which explains why I mutter about “sticky-uppy bits” instead of just saying, ya know, “protrusions.” read more

This Week I Love …

…¬† linen knits.

My hatred for woven linen is well documented here on the blog. I own exactly one piece – a bright blue tunic from Boden’s 2005 summer offerings. And I love the color and the cut, but generally wear it once per summer and then want to SET IT ON FIRE. I am far more comfortable with use-wrinkles than I probably ought to be. I often look like a human accordion once I get home from a day at the office. But a garment that wrinkles the very second it hits my bod? Oh no. No, no, no indeed to that. read more