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Fiber Clashes and Fiber Formality


In my experience, even people who say they don’t know or care much about fashion have very definite opinions about levels of fiber formality and how they can contribute to fiber clashes. In other words, there are folks who feel that a cotton tee shirt looks utterly preposterous with a silk skirt, that fluid jersey knit and robust wool do not belong in the same outfit, and that cashmere looks awfully odd with twill. When pressed, many people cite their moms. Previous generations had VIEWS on which fibers were dressy and which we casual, and many of us have those views printed on the backs of our brains. Because when we were little and tried wearing favorite graphic tees with Sunday School skirts, we heard a few things about outfit assembly, fibers, and appropriateness. read more

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Reader Request: Shopping for Fiber Sensitive Women

shopping fiber sensitivity

Both Joanne and Victoria e-mailed me requesting resources and suggestions for women with fiber sensitivities. Also, I recently wrapped up an online consult with a woman who has severe pain reactions to many fibers, including most synthetics. Some folks must stick to 100% cotton only, others find certain textures and weaves irritating, so “fiber sensitive” is a bit of a broad net to cast. But I’ll share the resources and solutions I found, bring in another expert, and ask you all to contribute ideas, too. read more

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This Week I Love …

…¬† linen knits.

My hatred for woven linen is well documented here on the blog. I own exactly one piece – a bright blue tunic from Boden’s 2005 summer offerings. And I love the color and the cut, but generally wear it once per summer and then want to SET IT ON FIRE. I am far more comfortable with use-wrinkles than I probably ought to be. I often look like a human accordion once I get home from a day at the office. But a garment that wrinkles the very second it hits my bod? Oh no. No, no, no indeed to that. read more