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Fascinating and Fashionable: Karoline the Lipstick Formulator

I’ve worked with The Elixery several times and am consistently impressed by the company’s ethics, dedication to quality, and marvelous products. I wanted to introduce you to the founder, Karoline Wells, who launched this product line because her expertise in biology, chemistry, and medicinal herbalism gives her a unique perspective when developing new products. Let’s hear from Karoline!


What inspired you to create and launch The Elixery?
The Elixery is a place that always existed in the back of my mind. I learned herbalism and soapmaking from my grandmother, so I grew up compounding products. This started with simple face masks and tinctures, and grew into essential oil blends, lip balms, and face creams. I studied biology and chemistry at St. Catherine’s and graduated in 2000, but it wasn’t until several years later that I decided to make The Elixery a reality. read more

Red Lips and Blue Jeans


As I’ve said approximately 90 trillion times, red is my favorite color. I’ve always been told that I look ravishing in red, which is part of its appeal, but I also love its implications of power and passion. And yet, even though I wanted desperately to do bold red lips, every red lipstick I’d ever tried looked positively clownish on me. So for ages, I assumed I just wasn’t a red lips girl. But eventually I realized that there were as many shades of red as there were women in the world and I was never going to pick a good one for myself by guessing. So I swung by my local Sephora. I said, “Red lipstick makes me look awful. But I’d like a shade that actually works for me.” The gal grabbed a tube of Make Up For Ever in Rouge Artist Intense 44, I slapped it on, and nearly fell over. read more

Lovely Lips

I own maybe three actual lipsticks. Although I love the look on others, I tend to stick to glosses and balms for myself unless I’m getting dolled up for a fancy event. My lips are sensitive and dry easily, and I’m yet to find a true lipstick that works for me.¬†But I adore lip STUFF, and thought I’d share a few of my picks for lip color and lip care products:

Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer in Raisin– $7.35

Wax-based balms don’t do much to moisturize my lips, but this guy isn’t quite as drying as others. This line of lip shimmers comes in an array of gorgeous colors, but Raisin is my fave. I wear this color in most of my outfit shots, though I’ll often layer a gloss over it, too. read more